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Location: on port 3666

We are basically a hack-n-slash MUD. RP is not enforced, but it is somewhat encouraged. It's a fairly relaxed environment, but the world's size might be fairly intimidating at first. Don't worry. Everything a real newbie needs is mostly on the starting continent. :-)


For millenia, life on the world of Nether was peaceful. Races lived
together in harmony. But then, a great and ancient evil arose, spreading its venom throughout the land. The inevitable war began between good and evil, order and chaos. As the tide turned and it became apparent that the forces of truth and justice would prevail, a dark sorcery was begun in the depths of the world. A comet of enormous size was magically drawn to the world to destroy it.

The world was devastated. Countless beings died as the world shattered into pieces from the impact. Horrified at this turn of events, the gods intervened. Using what power they had, they reconstructed the world, putting the pieces back together. But complete restoration was beyond their ability. The face of Netherworld, as it was now called, would never be the same. Parts were recognizable, but the whole was new, fresh, and unexplored.

The ancient evil had been destroyed, but its remains could still be felt. The struggle continues. For some it may be justice, for others...... It is in this struggle that you now live.

View our rules, by clicking here.