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Please submit directions we don't have or tell us if any are incorrect. All directions begin from the MG healer unless otherwise noted. From the MG healer, the Portal Master is 8s2ws, the Quest Master is 8s3es, and the Hearth is 17s3e.

Reinc: 0+

A Journey Too Far                       3s6ee3sw4s4w7se2s3w3ses3e2sws2w2nwswsw
Abandoned Church                        3s6wnwn
Abandoned Dwelling in Pinestria         (hearth) 17s3e
Adreyatic Ocean                         portal master gloucester, e2sw
Adreyatic Shores                        portal master gloucester, 6w2n2wnwne
Anoshean Woodlands                      3s6ee3sw4s4w7se2s3w3ses3e2sws2w2nwswn3wnwsw
Bamboo Forest                           16s2ws
Barren Wastelands                       3s6ees4ese3ses2e3s2ese2se3s2w3sw2s2e3sw5ses2e2s10w2nw4n4ws3wsw2s2wsw8ws4w
Bartleby's Crusty Barnacle              3s6wn2w6n5w2nwn
Bee Hive                                18s3wn
Cornfield                               3s6wnws
Country Jack's                          17s3e (open d) d
Dark Cave of Mau Carniceiro             2s5u (open up) uw (open w) 2w (open s) s (open d) d
Desert Mountains of Kordaea             portal master rome, 4e
Desert of Kordaea                       portal master lankmere, 3s6w
Eastern Mountains of Anoshea            3s6ees4ese3ses2e3s2ese2se3s2w3sw2s2e3s
Elk Rapids                              3s6wn2w2n
Forest of Anoshea                       3s6ee3sw4s4w7se2s3w3ses3e2sws2w2nws
Fortune Theater                         5s2es
Grimm Vignette                          3s6wn2w6n3w2sws
Hasdrabul's Well                        2s5uw (enter crack)
Haunted House                           3s6enneee
Higgins Dorr's Mansion                  2s5u (open up) u2s3e (open e) e
In the Air                              2s2u
Medellia's Forest                       21s5euen2e2ne2es2e
Miden'nir                               21s5eu
Midgaard Bazaar                         3s4w3ne
Midgaard Casino                         8swn
Midgaard Museum                         5s3en
Midgaard Sewers                         3sd
Midgaard Tenement                       3s4wse
Mire of Morosio                         3s6ees4ese3ses2e3s2ese2se3s2w3sw2s2e3sw5ses2e
Mirror Realm                            3s6e2nw6n4e3n3e2n
Nanny Nancy's Ravaged Remnants          3s6e2nw4n2e2n2enee
Nemtich                                 3s6ee3sw4s4w7se2s3w3ses3e2sws2w2nwswsww
Northern Foothills                      3s6e2nen
Old Midgaard Tomb                       14swsww3sws2s3wd2wnd (using passdoor)
Old Southern Road                       17s
Owl Creek Bridge                        3s6wn2w6n5w2su
Plains of Pinestria                     18s3ws3w2nwn
Potter's Field                          14swsw
Quiet Woodlands                         3s6eesewswsws
Ral'dianor                              3s6wnw2nd
Rome                                    portal master rome
Shadowglade Forest                      portal master solace eu2n6e
Sinko de Mayo                           portal master sulphur springs, s3e3se3sen
Skaven Mining Tunnels                   21sed
Spurlock's Farm                         3s6wnw7s
Stormcrags                              portal master solace eun
Storybook Land                          3s4wseeun2es (enter book)
Swamp of Jethusala                      27s
Swampshine Fountains			31s2e2sw (open south)
Temple of the Great Bovinity            3s6ees4ese2s2w
The Circus	                        portal master sulphur springs, 9sw3s
The Midgaard Dump                       14se
Towerstone Down                         3s6wn2wn4wu
Town of Fair Havens                     2s5u (open up) u
Village of Gate                         3s6e2nw4n8e3n3e2ne (or portal master to gate)
Woodsman Inn                            21s5euen2e2nw

Reinc: 5+

Astral Plane                            2s3un6un
Baba Yaga's Hut                         portal master solace eu2n6e3nw2ne
Black Sands Desert                      portal master rome 5es3w7s2n2es3e2n2es2e3s3eseses2en2w
Bretraborg                              portal master bretraborg
Castle Orden                            3s6e2nw4n3w3n3w2n
Cathedral of Tarm                       portal master rome 5es3w7s2n2es3e2n3e3n2wswnw
Caves of the Crabmen                    portal master sulphur springs, s5end2esesesee2s3e8s2wnw
Crystalmir Lake                         portal master solace w
Darien Avanil's Stronghold              portal master rome 5es3w7s2n2e4s
Elemental Canyon                        portal master rome 5es3w7s2n2es3e2n3e3n2ws3w2nws
Forest Lair of the Widow Queen          22se
Giant Slug Colony                       hearth 2w3ses
Haarvenu Ruins                          21s5euen2e2n2e3sw2s2e5s
Into the Depths                         portal master sulphur springs, s5end2esesesee2s3e3n2ed
Karachian Sea                           portal master sulphur springs, s5end2esesesee2s3e
Keep of Mahn-Tor                        portal master sulphur springs, s5end2esesesee2s3e13s2w3s
King Graul's Lair                       3s6ee3sw6ses4e2swssw3s3e3swne
Land of the Cult                        portal master rome 6en3ene3nw4ne2n3e2swn
Land of the Fire Newts                  portal master rome 5es3w7s2n2es3e2se2se4se3s
Lankmere                                portal master lankmere or portal master rome 6en4e2sw2sw3s3enen2en3en3e3nw2n
Mad Scientist's Laboratory              3s6wn2w7n(gate)2nenwn
Old House Ruins                         hearth
River of the Dragon Turtle Mountains    3s6e2nw4n8e3n3e2nwn
Sea Elf Grottos                         portal master sulphur springs, s5end2esesesee2s3e6s2es10es8es (exits)
Seahaven                                3s6ee3sw4s4w7se2s3w3ses3e2ssws4wsw2s2w9n44w15s3w2n
                                        portal master solace eu2n6e2s2eses2e2w3sews2w2ses4e2w2n
The Mossy Moors                         hearth
The Underdark                           3s6ee3sw6ses4e2sw2sw3s3e3swn3enw2nwn (passdoor)
Town of Solace                          portal master solace
Tunnels of Yoegh'il'rymmin              3s6ees4ese3ses2e3s2ese2se3s2w3sw2s2esed
Wastelands                              3s6ees4ese3ses2e3s2ese2se3s2w3sw2s2e3sw5ses2e2s10w2nw4n4ws3wsw2s2wsw

Reinc: 15+

36 Chambers of Shaolin			3s6ee3sw6ses4e2sw2sw3s3e3s3e3swn
Adeium's Mustering Grounds              3s6ee3sw6ses4e2sw2sw3s3e4s2ne
All Hallow's Fields                     3s6ee3sw4s4w7se2s3w3ses3e2sws2w2nwswn3wnwsws2wnw
Crystalline Basilica                    portal master gloucester 5n5w3s2w2nw13s3wn
Descent to Hell                         portal master solace 2w4nen (scan for farmer, kill for key) northish to house
                                            (open e) eue (open south) (enter book)
Ghoulhaunt                              3s5wwn2wn4wu2sunwnwnuwsw2w2uws2uwnww2dwsw3d2w2d
Harbor of Sulphur Springs		portal master sulphur springs, s5end
Heavenly Plains                         portal master solace 2w4nen (scan for farmer, kill for key) northish to house
                                            (open e) eue (open south) (enter light)
Hell's Gate                             sea of souls dirs (wander for a down)
Highwayman's Encampment                 portal master rome 5es3w7s2n2es3e2n3e3n2wnws
Jungle of Quiesta                       portal master solace eu2n6e2s2ese3s
Kalevala                                3s6ee3sw4s4w7se2s3w3ses3e2ssws4wsw2s2w9n26wn
Lord Trollgar's Manor                   portal master rome 5es3w7s2n2es3e2n3e3n2w4nwn
Midgaard Brothel                        3s4w6se
Mithril Hall                            3s6ee3sw6ses4e2sw2sw3s3e3sws3wse
Mohenjo-Daro                            3s6ee3sw6ses4e2sw2sw3s3e3swn3enw2n (open w) w (open n)
                                          nw3nwn (open w) wd (open n) n4ed
Mystery of the Blinking Dog             portal master sulphur springs, s5end2esesesee2s3e13swnu2nwnen4ese
						(maze, exit for "The Solid Path" to Ogre Village) 3nene
Pygmie Village                          (hearthx3) se2s3enen3ed2eu5s2w
Ravens Roost                            (hearth) 2w2n3e5nw2ne3nen2en2es2en3es2ese
Sea Elf Grottos                         portal master sulphur springs, s5end2esesesee2s3e6s2es10es8es (exits)
Sea of Malakian                         3s6e2nw4n8e3n3e2nw4ne3n2e3n2w2n6e2n
Sea of Souls                            portal master solace eun3w2s4wnw
Sulphur Springs                         3s6ees4en2en2es3enenen (or portal master to sulphur springs)
Sympathy for the Burning Man            portal master rome 5es3w7s2n2es3e2n2es2e3s3eseses2enwen2es
Temple of Murphy                        3s6ees4eses2ses2e2swn
Valen Woods                             3s6ee3sw4s4w7se2s3w3ses3e2sws2w2nwswn3wnwne
Valhalla                                portal master bretraborg 3w2ne3ne2n2w
Village of Gloucester                   portal master gloucester

Reinc: 30+

Adreyatic Lighthouse                    portal master gloucester, e2sw2ne
Cask of Amontillado                     portal master lankmere 4s4e5ne
Citadel                                 3s6e2nw4nwnuu
Dannan Sidhe Trail                      (hearth x3)
Darkwood Elder Grove                    3s6ee3sw6ses4e2sw2sw3s3e3sws4w
Glittergloom's Sanctum                  portal master rome 5es3w7s7n3enen4e4nw4ne2n3e4sese
Godsmind                                (hearth) 2wsw5sw2s2ws3e3sw2swswsws2w4sese2s (enter skull)
Lake Windleweir                         3s6ee3sw4s4w7se2s3w3s2es3e2sws4wsw2s2w11n3e2n2e2nwne3n
Masque of the Red Death                 3s6ees4ese3ses2e3s2ese2se3s2w3sw2s2e3sw2sw
Plains of Wasting                       3s6ees4ese3ses2e3s2ese2se3s2w3sw2s2e3sw5ses2e2s10w2nw4n4ws3wsw2s2wsw3w2n2w
Revenge of the Scrumps                  3s6ees4ese3ses2e3s2ese2se3s2w3sw2s2e3sw5ses2e2s7w5nwne2ne
Ripper's Nest                           portal master solace eun3w2s4wnwne
Tar Valon                               portal master tar valon
The Mushroom Forest                     (hearth) 2wsw5sw
Volcanic Forest                         portal master rome 5es3w7s2n2es3e2se2se4se3s3nw2ne
Volcanic Temple                         portal master rome 5es3w7s2n2es3e2se2se4se3s3nw2nw2ne

Reinc: 45+

Gnoll Encampment              		portal master solace eun4w3n2w2n4e2nw2n3e3n2e
In the Sky                	    	portal master solace eu2n6e3ne7n4e2ne2n2wu
Knuck's Marsh                 		portal master gloucester 5n5w3s2w2nwwn
Lumberjack Camp               		portal master gloucester e2sen3e
Museum of Solace              		portal master solace 5n4w3sw
Nosgoth           			portal master solace eun3w2s5w4ses3e2ses5esed            
Sea Hag's Lair                		portal master solace eu2n6e2s2eses2e2w3sews2w2s (ants) es5e3s6ed
Tekenduis Forest              		3s6ee3sw4s4w7se2s3w3ses3e2sws4wsw2s2w9n33wn
Temple of Delphi              		3s6e2nw4n8e3n3e3nw4ne3n2e3n2w2n6e2nn6w5n
Whitecloak Camp Grounds   		3s7e3sw4s3wn